Childhoodweek is an event created by Beatrice Blue to bring up nice memories and turn them into stories to share with everyone. 
There´s an official list of prompts and I decided to follow it this year and here are the illustrations:
The first word for this event was “pact” and I remembered this moment of my childhood with my older sister and our best friend that was our neighbor. Together we created a friendship club named TALCA (in portuguese this makes more sense) and we still remember those good old days with lots of love. We even had an anthem! I decided to draw the moment we chose the name of our club and sealed the pact in my parent’s old apartment.
Second word: Fresh. One of the things I loved when we got to visit Grandma in another city was going to her backyard and than she would give me and my sister fresh greenstuff for us to eat right there. My sister preferred the bitter big leaves and I would choose the baby carrots, not only because I loved carrots but because I loved bugs bunny and pretended to be him while eating, like in the cartoons.
Grandma’s backyard was small but really magical. It would always hit a different light and was very cosy. She no longer lives in that house but she misses her backyard a lot, and so do I.
For the word mission I decided to illustrate the thing I would do EVERY SINGLE DAY and sometimes not only once a day. I would wake up and ask for my parents to watch The Lion King movie in our VCR and if they said no I would say: “but I have never watched today!” and in the beginning of the movie I was always with my Simba plushie to recreate one of the most iconic scenes of the movie. I still have this Simba (and a Simba tattoo too)
“Team”. For this illustration I’m remembering the friday night that my mom decided that for the weekend we would make a Star Wars marathon. “Let’s all get together with some popcorn and watch all of them!”. But at that time the ones released were the episodes 4-5-6 and 1 and at that time we had to rent the movies in vhs (great times!) It was the first time me and my sister watched Star Wars and, of course, it was awesome! The three of us were always a great team for movies.
Thunder! I don’t think this needs a lot of explanation. I just wanted to be a Pokemon master so badly when I was younger and yell: “PIKACHU USE THUNDER SHOCK!” 
Power. When I was younger I was cast to be the protagonist of our school’s play. I was a very evil witch and had a really powerful evil laughter HAHAHAHA
My family could not believe it was me on that stage. I didn’t tell them that I was the lead actress for the play and they were really not expecting that because I was too shy (one of the main reasons my mom encouraged me to go theater class actually... to see if I could get my shyness away, even if it was just a little bit). All the parents, students and teachers came to talk to me after the play to congratulate me. It was a day that I felt really powerful ✨ If I wanted to be an actress I’m sure that after that night my mom would encourage me to do so 
Summer Little Me. For the summer little me illustration I drew one of my favorites photos. It is me, my dad and my older sister. When I was a kid I would love to go to the beach. We would go every weekend during summer.
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